A Clear Path…

Are you struggling to find your center and feel grounded in the midst of current changes?

With so many people re-evaluating work, home life and relationships right now, we face a new challenge of where to find the support and guidance we need to get started on the next best step.

Do you feel alone, stuck or even pulled in several directions at once?  You may need a guide to inspire and lead you toward your new destination.

Your Guide

I have been right where you are now and I know that it takes a lot of momentum to heal the wounds of the past that hold us back from discovering our purpose, experiencing more meaningful connections and motivating our highest Self to do the work we are here to do.

My Journey

Kate Robbins

Kate Robbins
Life Transition Coach

For the past 20 years I have supported my clients on the road to transformation. First, as a Yoga Instructor, I share awareness practices and breathing techniques, quite literally changing the body to change the mind. Then as a Massage Therapist, I stimulate channels of stagnation in the body and support emotional release and healing. As an Energy Medicine practitioner, I facilitate the clearing of old patterns of behavior and limiting beliefs. Finally as a Transition Coach, I encourage shifts in consciousness, motivate beyond internal and external challenges and offer practical and energetic solutions to conflict in relationships.

Kind Words

Working with Kate Robbins has been one of the best decisions both personally and professionally in my life. Kate holds a very strong, wise and compassionate space for her clients to do some deep work processing and transforming fear, doubt, and stress into love and action! You’ll be amazed at how much growth and progress you can attain with her guidance.

I was completely amazed by all the gifts Kate has to offer! Immediately, I knew she was going to assist me energetically in order to heal my relationship with my Mom and teach me the skills to further my new business.  When working with Kate, she makes you feel like you are the only client she has.

Kate was born to hold a supportive space. Her intuitive wisdom coupled with her extensive practical knowledge makes her very well rounded. My healing journey with her has been amazing! I have never felt more loved, appreciated, and supported.

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