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Discover the skills to find and maintain a clear path through life!  Kate Robbins, founder of Clarity Council, is dedicated to supporting you through an energetic shift in the trajectory of your life so you can feel a deeper connection to your authentic Self and ultimately live to your highest potential.   We invite you to choose the journey of self-discovery and self-care.  By prioritizing self love, creating community and effective communication your most potent dreams can be realized.

Find ease and grace as you navigate the hills and valleys of Life!

Meet Kate

Kate offers deeply connected support and heart-centered communication to people moving through challenging life transitions. Her highest goal is to provide a loving and nurturing environment for you to transform your darkest moments into your greatest triumphs.

Working with Kate Robbins has been one of the best decisions both personally and professionally in my life so far. Kate and I connected rather divinely at a time when I needed solid support as I was navigating some difficult terrain in life. Kate holds a very strong, wise, and compassionate space for her clients to do some deep work, processing and transforming fear, doubt, and stress into love and action! She was present as a scaffold for me to build a new business, renew intimate relationships, and transition out of one work endeavor and into the next seamlessly.

Because of our work together, I gained immense confidence, found balance in uncertainty, and discovered an authenticity that helped me be more present with my family, partner, and patients. If you’re on the fence about working with Kate, just go for it! You’ll be amazed at how much growth and progress you can attain with her guidance

Kate Robbins was a curious child with elaborate dreams and a natural detachment from convention. Having traveled from her hometown in the Midwest to Europe and throughout the Western United States as a young woman, Kate broadened her perspective and developed a deeply compassionate world view.  Her desire for facilitating true connection, the magic of flow and the healing of all people continues to this day.

Her experience in the contemplative and healing arts began with the study of Japanese Tea Ceremony at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado.  There she also began her studies of Buddhism and the I Ching as well as intuitive Feng Shui.  She dove into Nutritional Cleansing and Ashtanga Yoga while living in Portland, Oregon.  Once landing in Santa Cruz, California she began an in depth study of Hatha Yoga and Vocal Expression and learned the potency of developing Mindful Community. Later, becoming a Yoga Instructor, practicing Energy Medicine and performing in a Women’s Choir, Kate created an outlet for her service to others. She has been offering transformational healing services for the past 15 years.  Today, all of these experiences and her personal spiritual practice, including her connection to the Native Animal Guides and her Guardian Angels, informs her work with Clarity Council.

Kate lovingly coparents with her former husband of 11 years in a unique dynamic filled with respect and generosity.  While parenting and homeschooling her bright and creative boy, she has chosen to continually seek holistic and alternative strategies to navigate issues as they arise.  She teaches self awareness techniques to develop emotional intelligence, confidence, creativity and the ability to think out side of the box in order to problem solve.  Likewise, she utilizes her practical life experience and inner wisdom to guide her clients through their own personal growth process during her 6 month private coaching offering.

Life Transitions Empowered by Kate

1 Hour Consultation

New Clients Only

  • 30 minute remote Energetic Reading and Resourcing Session
  • Assessment of Personal Goals
  • Laser coaching session
  • 3 step action plan to take away

Energetic Medicine techniques include

  • Grounding and Centering
  • Resourcing your Vital Energy
  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Creating and Maintaining a Protective Filter
  • Insights into Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Generational Karma Clearing

Private Coaching with Kate

Through energetic and practical techniques Kate will provide support for you through your life transition. Her highest intention is to watch you grow and blossom into the person you know yourself to be. Here is a glimpse of what you may expect to experience during your coaching time with Kate.


Attune to your highest Self with an Energy session to find your flow in life


Set intention for the session and the weeks ahead


Receive guidance, motivation and emotional support to move through any challenge

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